Privacy Notice

Refund and exchang: In case you are not satisfied with the received timepiece, please consider a few options:

it is possible to exchange the watch for another one

the watch can be repaired for you

you can get the refund After you have chosen one from the above mentioned options, follow the instructions:

Explain the problem you have with the watch in an e-mail letter.

Make sure to specify whether you need an exchange, refund, or repair under the manufacturera€?s warranty.

Indicate your order number in the email.

Send your e-mail to the following address: After we receive you e-mail letter, we will send you a reply with a return code. The package with the watch you send back to us should indicate the code. Note:

It is important to include all the links which you received with the watch, if there are any. Otherwise, we will not be able to accept the timepiece back in order to exchange it or make the refund.

In case you need a refund, the timepiece must be returned in the same condition you received it from us - with no defects or damages. We will make sure to compensate any possible defect of the timepiece, in case it is the manufacturera€?s fault. However, if the timepiece has been damaged intentionally or accidentally during delivering or wearing, this kind of damage will not be covered. The character of the defect will be determined by our watchmaker from the quality division. If you want to keep your timepiece away from being damaged, make sure to treat your watch carefully. The winding crown of the watch should be well-screwed.

The watch should be protected from water penetration. In the majority of cases a watch with producera€?s flaws will be repaired. Otherwise, you will get a new timepiece of the same model. If we lack the same model in stock of our store, you may order another timepiece available at the same price. If you order a watch model offered at a higher price, please enclose money to cover the price difference. In case you choose a watch offered at a lower price, we will refund the cost deference.

If customer insists to refund the amount, we will charge 10% of the total amount as a service charge and refund to their bank account.

When the timepiece you acquired was lost during the delivery, it is required to wait for 30 days - we will try to track down the package way. In case we do not find the package during the mentioned period, you will get the refund. During this waiting period we will track the package way. If the package is not found, you will be refunded.

As it is difficult to foresee all possible problems during the watch shipment and delivery, sometimes it is necessary to cover extra-charges. Our policy does not indicate the charges, as they depend on the country the package is delivered to.

A person of majority age should sign the blank upon the package delivery. Otherwise, the courier will leave a note and the package will be delivered to the nearest post office. Our Customer Support Service will answer all the possible questions you may have before or after purchasing a timepiece in our on-line store: Contact e-mail:

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